For Doug, a portfolio without a plan is a ship without a rudder. He understands that tweaking a portfolio within a plan destined for failure is like rearranging the deck chairs on a doomed and sinking vessel. At the same time, he recognizes how easy it is to become preoccupied with potential weather ahead, even while cruising to paradise on a beautiful yacht. In both scenarios, folks may miss the bigger picture. A personalized, comprehensive financial plan is that chartered course to your desired destination, to living the life most important to you, to living your life on purpose. Doug’s fundamental goal is to help clients discover financial peace of mind all while living that life. He also believes it can be a lot easier than it sounds with the right guidance by your side. At the end of the day, Doug finds nothing more fulfilling than helping clients set sail for their own unique destination and to enjoy the ride while doing so. Prior to joining Buckingham Strategic Wealth, Doug was a partner at Main Street Financial Solutions. In 2013, Doug and his wife, Julie, decided to practice what he preached to his clients. Julie resigned from her job to spend more time with their three kids, and they set sail for a new destination, leaving the bustle of northern New Jersey and settling in the friendly confines of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, just outside of Charleston.